Basic course digital thangka painting

Fred van der Zee
22 August 2017 to 30 August 2017

For the first time, Tushita offers a basic course on digital thangka painting by Fred van der Zee. 

The course consists of daily drawing workshops, meditation, and explanations of the Buddhist figures and iconography. The course also will include general information sessions on computer hardware for computer graphics, an overview of the various graphic software products, and work flow (from sketch to the final image). Subjects taught are: drawing the face of the Buddha, his body and garments, and adding colour shading and gold.

At the end of the course every student will receive a little digital booklet with some tips&tricks, especially tuned for digital thangka painting.

Anyone who is interested in digital thangka painting can participate. The course is aiming to teach basic computer drawing skills, so experience in the field is not necessary. General basic computer skills, such as opening and saving files, and the use of menus, are highly advised. Although the course will include meditation and explanation of Buddhist iconography, it is open for all people.

What do you need?

The main focus of the course is drawing with a vector program. All participants will receive a link to install a trial version of the program shortly before the start of the course. The trial version is accessible for 30 days, so the period will be more than enough for doing the course.

Hardware requirements: laptops or tablet with keyboard attached, mouse with scrolling wheel. The laptops should run Windows 7 or up. No Apple computers.


The course will be given in English.

Minimum and maximum amount of participants: 6 - 15

400€ It includes course fee, accommodation, and meals.

A student of the renowned thangka painter Andy Weber since 2008, Fred van der Zee draws traditional Tibetan thangka’s, based on centuries old methods but drawn on modern computers. After several years of experimenting, he has now developed the basic techniques to confidently draw the various Buddhist figures and symbols. Teaching these techniques is the next step in his quest to offer high quality digital thangka’s to the world.

Examples of his work can be found at and his Facebook Gallery.